Let Spyre Group be your extension towards innovation at scale and at least double your innovation outcomes within 6-9 months. We guarantee it.


Why Innovation as a Service?

You may be just taking your first steps, scoring occasional wins or even running a successful pipeline systematically. Whatever stage you’re in you could always use professional and experienced assistance. And we are here to help you achieve just that.

How can Spyre Group help you create a hybrid innovation ecosystem that handles both organically grown and externally based innovative opportunities?


Perform an analysis of your organization and determine an appropriate strategy.


Identify key executives and recruit them into becoming sponsors of your operation.


Train & educate various groups (executives, mid-level managers, workforce) into becoming contributing members of an ecosystem (entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, etc’).


Establish and run an Innovation forum within your organization composed of key stakeholders you want as supporters.


Scout for external solutions to your biggest business challenges.


Setup and run your selection process in order to let the most promising opportunities a chance to be successful.


Guide organizational intrapreneurs in building highly compelling innovative opportunities that the executive team will get excited about.


Facilitate the formulation of effective Value-Based experiments that allow innovative opportunities to reach their escape velocity by getting adopted by business units and becoming part of official work plans.

What sort of investment will the organization be required to make in order to apply Spyre Group’s Innovation as a Service model?

That’s the beauty of Spyre Group’s Innovation as a service model. Without any significant upfront investment, for an affordable monthly fee and at minimal risk, you get to significantly enhance your innovation execution power.

What outcomes can be achieved through Innovation as a Service?

  • Increased revenue
  • Operating cost reductions
  • Market leadership
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Faster time to market

Innovation as a Service - Content packs

Each of the following content packs focuses on a certain aspect of organizational innovation.

Innovation strategy

Our experienced mentor will apply the Spyre Group Hybrid Ecosystem Builder tool to assess the current state of the organization and formulate the appropriate steps on the fastest path to innovation proficiency.

Management onboarding

Spyre Group has developed the unique aSpyre model for sponsor engagement as our decades of accumulated experience has shown time and again that the first step for any innovation ecosystem must be the engagement of members of the executive team. We will recruit key members of the executive team as sponsors to your operation.


We will scout for external solutions to your biggest business challenges. This can be based on startups, established technical providers and Academia.

Mentoring Pilots

Whether you’d like to initiate an all-out search for business opportunities or you already have pilots in your pipeline at various stages of development, we will apply Spyre Group’s industry-leading Transpyre methodology for making innovation outcomes happen. Our tools and accumulated experience have been able to double our clients innovation outcomes.

Supporting network

A supporting network composed of entrepreneurs, coaches and experts is the lifeblood of any innovation ecosystem. We will help you create such a supporting network and if you already have one we know how to maximize the value you get from it in a sustainable manner.


As part of the various content packs, we offer training programs as required in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

Professional mentoring

Your success is our obsession and we will mentor you personally throughout the experience of achieving your organizational goals.


  • We bring the startup nation into your organization
  • Everything we do is based on a clearly documented methodology
  • We are fanatic about outcomes
  • Startup ecosystem global reach
  • Our clients LOVE us